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Raw Concrete

"It would be rash, however, to infer … that we are on the brink of The Great Brutalist Revival. Nonetheless, given that virtually every strain of modernism has been revisited and, if you like, plundered in the past two decades there seems to be every chance that raw concrete will once again have its day, or hour. It will of course be stripped of the meaning that was once attached to it."

more of Jonathan Meades’ current take on Brutalism

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"Hermes Fastening his Sandal" - 2 CE.
Purchased by Louis XIV of France for Versailles in 1685; the Louvre got it in 1797, where it remains today.

Hermes is a trip (pun intended). But that’s how all those crazy dieties run.

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Consumed In Only Boxerbriefs

This is actually Post #2,500. I can’t fathom that, but according to the clickr it’s a fact. For seven years now this has served as my own personal notebook/ scrapbook/ journal. To continue as needed.

I’m immersed in several projects at this time, excited by them all, all in various stages of development headed for production.

Today I’m over to Tory’s for a “debriefing” after Thurs. night’s presentation for possible investors for one of those projects, which went very well. Tory (producer), Ann (actress), Mike (writer), and I (director) will be there. (Elizabeth, co-producer, will be elsewhere editing her film for Sundance.) It’s supposed to be 105 today, and Tory said she’ll have watermelon and to bring a bathing suit if we want to go swimming in the pool. That’s my plan.

Last night I started Dennis Cooper’s novel, THE MARBLED SWARM, which I’ve wanted to read for a while. The first 27 pages are very neo Fall Of The House Of Usher and beckoning.

Breakfast this morning (up at six) is black coffee/ a banana/ orange juice, consumed in only boxerbriefs; I love this big old Hollywood apartment but there is no air conditioning.

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on Form vs. Substance

"Werner Heisenberg, following Plato, once observed that ‘the smallest parts of matter are not the fundamental Beings, as in the philosophy of Democritus, but are mathematical forms: the form is more important than the substance of which it is the form.’ The formal rules in art, continues Heisenberg, are closely related to the essential elements of mathematics. Equality and inequality, repetition and symmetry are the group structures common to both art and mathematics."

—- more on the math of art

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Bob’s upstairs apartment in Los Feliz, where Bob tutored me in the massive amount of dialogue I had (which was all in French), prior to performing Jacques Offenbach’s “Les Deux Aveugles” in New York, a few years ago.

The strangely daunting, arresting painting on the wall to the left, I believe, was done of Bob himself as a young man, when he lived in Paris.

Photo by Andy Steinlen