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On The Windowsill

Brian and Ryland moved into an 11th floor downtown-LA loft together, “Two months ago,” said Ryland to me (a fizzy gin cocktail in his granite-steady hand), and last Saturday night they threw a “loft-warming” that was a decibel riot, packed wall-to-wall. Gia Chumento & I discussed not having children, Richard Israel outlined a new “BDSM Musical” he’s directing (with a “Punk” score — but it’s “really all about Family”), Tony Foster & (real bow-tied) Scott Kendrick went into aspects of the new play Tony’s writing (about dirt eaters), David Trudell suggested to me he may end up buck-naked on the windowsill, Michael Kearns clarified for me which pop star he was fucking in the late 70s and then filled me in on the rewrite he was pursuing in regards to the Bang Bang character in the new play I’ll be directing, & Ryland’s visiting mother swore she had met me before (she had not, “But,” I said, “LA is full of people who look very familiar,” which made Ryland cackle which was probably the result of the gin). In the thick cacophany.

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Eminem on The Monster Tour a few days ago.
Photo by Jeremy Deputat.

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Can Catch Something Irrational

"People are really fascinated by these CSI shows. The morbid interest isn’t new, but I think the particular modern aspects — the meticulous collecting of invisible information, the scientific precision — capture a certain cultural fascination.

It comes from Conan Doyle and Poe. That fascination with the method, how science can catch something irrational. Most murderers are irrational, passionate. Hot-blooded. It’s not like in CSI, where you see the murderer that plans the crime.”

—- from Reality Is Mayhem : Daniel Levine interviews Marc Pastor

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Beguiling Quest For Certainty

" Picasso [is] “Nietzsche’s painter”, one who painted the erosion of truth, who saw the movement beyond it yet still cleaved to its beguiling quest for certainty. Collapsing truth was, for Picasso, a collapse of physical, determinate space. "

I’ve never heard issues of space quite related to “collapsing truth” in this way before. Fascinating, and in terms of my work this is conceptually very useful.

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July 1960 — Gene Kelly teaching/rehearsing the (one) ballet he wrote, PAS DE DIEUX, before its premiere at the Paris Opera. The music was George Gershwin’s Piano Concerto in F.
(Photo credit: unknown)